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CM’s Authenticator app verifies users’ identity via flash, sms, push and voice notifications

四月 22nd, 2017

LONDON [20 April 2017] CM, the mobile communications and payment company, introduces CM Authenticator. CM Authenticator is a mobile app that allows enterprises to secure their networks and data through two-factor authentication (2FA) via push, sms, voice and flash authentication. CM Authenticator is the first app that combines various mobile verification methods in a simple and efficient way to embed two-factor authentication into any application.


Business are moving to cloud-based services. Alongside its many benefits, organisations become more vulnerable to the outside world. Most of today’s online environments are only secured by a username and password, making them an easy target for hackers. The online security market sees growing demands as an increasing number of businesses use cloud services. Data stored on these services are often secured by a username and password, which makes it extremely vulnerable to hackers.

CM Authenticator is helping enterprises and organisations by verifying the identity of their users with cutting edge technology by making the process of securing an online environment as simple, efficient and stress-free as possible. Passwords are sent via in-app push messages. If Authenticator detects there’s no app or data coverage available, Hybrid Messaging sends the passwords via sms or voice message.

‘First app that combines verification methods’

Jeroen van Glabbeek, CEO of CM: “An authentication app only becomes interesting if it combines various verification technologies, also for offline use. CM Authenticator is the only applications in the market that does this, even when a user has no data coverage. CM Authenticator offers mobile security services that help businesses identifying customers by adding an extra factor of authentication via the mobile phone.”

Live demo

Like to try CM Authenticator yourself? It is available as a demo: download the CM Authenticator app for iOS or Android and start the demo dashboard to begin.

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