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More Mobile Social Networking: Vodafone Acquires ZYB

五月 19th, 2008

New York NY Friday May 16 2008- Vodafone has acquired ZYB, a Danish company, for 31.5m Euros. ZYB has developed a social networking and online management tool for backing up and sharing contact and calendar information online. This acquisition represents part of an intelligent effort by carriers to facilitate the movement of social networking services from PCs to the mobile phone.

An increasingly important function of social networking services is to serve as a form of ad hoc unified communications for the general population. Consumers are using social networking services in order to maintain presence on a network, and mobile phones are an obvious extension of this effort. Services like Twitter and Jaiku were the first to gain widespread consumer adoption, and large generalist social networking services like Facebook quickly followed suit.

“Consumers will increasingly be able to move seamlessly between the PC and the mobile phone, keeping their friends and contacts aware of their movements as they choose,” said Ri Pierce-Grove, analyst at independent market research firm Datamonitor. “This has a number of positive consequences for providers like Vodafone. It increases consumers’ use of data plans, and, potentially, provides a new source of revenue via advertising. Both mobile providers and social networking services are competing to find the right mix of platforms and partnerships in order to meet consumer demand.”

ZYB’s upcoming Phonebook application is a clear move to ease consumers’ movements between PC and mobile devices, as well as to deliver some of the benefits of unified communications. One of the great advantages of social networking services is that they significantly reduce the effort of keeping in touch with friends and keeping contacts updated. By allowing users to share and backup content when they are on the move, to share calendars, and to make it clear when they are available for a phone call, services like ZYB are likely to meet with positive reception. Enabling consumers to automatically communicate their location to their contact base is a risky move, and one which is meeting with initial resistance due to privacy concerns. However, with the right safeguards, presence-based social networking applications can succeed.

Whether or not this particular acquisition will succeed is not obvious; this market is still in its early stages and competition is intense. However, by moving into the social networking sphere, Vodafone is demonstrating that it understands which way this market is going.

MyClick Signs Distribution Agreement With Pulsar Mobile of Poland

五月 19th, 2008

HONG KONG, May 16, 2008 — MyClick Media Limited today announces a major step in the global rollout of its revolutionary mobile marketing platform. The company has signed a distribution agreement with Poland-based mobile services company, Pulsar Mobile. MyClick’s powerful and proprietary technology merges photo matching, digital content and customer relationship management to give mobile phone users one-click access to content and services.

Peter Tsang, Chairman and CEO of MyClick Media Limited, signed the agreement with the President of Pulsar Mobile, Krzysztof Pyzik.

MyClick is a ground breaking and unique photo recognition Mobile Marketing Platform that empowers all mobile users with the ability to enjoy exciting and exclusive infotainment and mobile-commerce information upon demand. Through MyClick- enabled images, users can access instant interactive content from all media forms such as newspapers, magazines, TV, billboards and content on the Internet. Users simply take a photo of a MyClick enabled image, for example the advertisement, the logo or even the product itself. With MyClick, users can perform photo-searches, join in photo-blogging, and take part in fun games such as treasure hunts.

After a short commissioning and training period, Pulsar Mobile will launch the platform in Poland.

About MyClick Media

MyClick is a global pioneer of image recognition mobile marketing. MyClick is a mobile media convergence technology utilizing photo matching, digital content and customer relationship management platforms to form a breakthrough mobile media platform, Marketers place MyClick-enabled images across all media forms, giving mobile phone users one ‘click’ access to their Mobile Internet Contents and Services. MyClick Media is a winner of the APICTA 2006 Awards and was named a Top 20 Most Innovative Enterprise in China for 2006. MyClick was launched in Hong Kong in May 2006. MyClick became the first mobile media services platform to use photo-matching technology in Asia Pacific. MyClick launched in Mainland China during September 2006.

About Pulsar Mobile

Pulsar Mobile is one of the main players on polish mobile services market. With its own sophisticated Content Management and Distribution Platform and with mobile TV and video streaming solution is the polish leader for both of those markets. Combining My Click technology with those systems and with other Pulsar solutions as WAP Ad Server Pulsar is going to deliver to polish market unique and very functional solution for mobile marketing . It will allow Pulsar clients to execute and report new kind of mobile marketing campaigns.

中華電信以Adobe Flash技術推出全新Channel Me行動加值服務

五月 15th, 2008

【2008年5月15日,台北訊】全球軟體大廠奧多比今日宣佈與中華電信合作推出Channel Me個人行動隨身頻道,這項嶄新服務以Adobe® Flash Cast®技術為架構,提供極具吸引力的多媒體行動資訊,使用戶能隨時隨地透過手機接收自動更新的個人化資訊內容。身為台灣最大行動通訊系統業者,中華電信率先加入國際領導業者如美國Verizon Wireless及日本NTT DoCoMo的行列, 成功引進Adobe Flash Cast的加值服務,此一嶄新服務必能在台灣行動市場脫穎而出,並為中華電信帶來嶄新的業務收益。

MOTOROKR E8創新魔「換」介面,樂轉樂心動!

五月 14th, 2008

台北 – 2008年5月14日 –全球行動通訊領導品牌摩托羅拉,今日正式發表時尚音樂全新機種MOTOROKR E8,為ROKR音樂系列再添生力軍!同時,也在台灣推出摺疊式音樂立體聲喇叭EQ3與藍牙音樂立體聲喇叭EQ5等音樂週邊配件。摩托羅拉積極為音樂旗艦機種MOTOROKR E8打造行動音樂完整體驗,讓消費者隨時隨地都能夠輕鬆享樂!

WiMAX未來應用平台問世!「Gofone夠瘋網」體驗發表(Soft Launch)

五月 14th, 2008

(2008年5月14日,台北訊) WiMAX未來應用平台首度問世! 全球一動今日舉辦業界首創之WiMAX未來行動服務平台-「Gofone夠瘋網」體驗發表會(Soft Launch)。 Gofone首創「單一介面、多重裝置」的設計,橫跨電腦、手機、未來車機硬體裝置,開啟消費者前所未有的上網視野,真正落實「電腦手機化、手機電腦化」的一致畫面與簡易使用概念。 平台將提供客製化服務,每一使用戶皆可量身定作,鼓勵雙向互動、分享內容。 Gofone體驗期配合「百萬開戰」活動,邀請用戶共建此創新平台,將送出新台幣壹百萬之兌換獎品,培養用戶的參與,用哩程數概念實際回饋。

年度撼世鉅作 HTC Touch Diamond正式上市

五月 14th, 2008

台灣桃園(西元2008年5月13日)- 全球手機創新與設計領導者宏達國際電子股份有限公司(宏達電,股票代號:2498;以下簡稱『HTC』)今(13)日回到全球企業總部台灣,正式發表年度撼世鉅作『HTC Touch Diamond™』。輕巧簡約的外型、新一代炫目的TouchFLO™ 3D介面、全新的網際網路體驗,HTC Touch Diamond將觸覺體驗及視覺美感同步提昇到更高的層次。


五月 6th, 2008

【2008年5月6日‧台北訊】全球整合協同通訊解決方案領導廠商寶利通Polycom (Nasdaq: PLCM),今天宣佈在台北成立台灣分公司,並任命呂理正先生為台灣區業務經理。寶利通先進的視訊會議系統,實際上已透過通路夥伴在台銷售多年,此次為寶利通第一次招聘員工成立台灣分公司。

寶利通POLYCOM推出最新HD高畫質產品HDX 7000

五月 6th, 2008

【2008年5月6日‧台北訊】全球整合協同通訊解決方案領導廠商寶利通Polycom (Nasdaq: PLCM),宣佈獲獎無數的高畫質視訊會議解決方案,將增添全新的HDX 7000系列產品,適用於中小型會議室。HDX 7000系列採用寶利通無可比擬的UltimateHD™技術,結合高解析度的視訊、音訊,以及多媒體內容的同步分享功能,能提供超越傳統會議室的極致高畫質視訊。

開啟行動新紀元 HTC推出Touch Diamond

五月 6th, 2008

倫敦(西元2008年5月6日)- 承襲了獨一無二的創新及對於將精簡概念融合於設計的渴望,淬鍊出十年來功力之結晶,全球手機創新與設計領導者宏達國際電子股份有限公司(宏達電,股票代號:2498;以下簡稱『HTC』)今(6)日首度於英國倫敦發表最新旗艦手機HTC Touch Diamond™。為了傳達其明確風格並展現極致工藝,HTC Touch Diamond擁有輕巧外型及時尚風格,提供全新的網際網路體驗和新一代炫目的TouchFLO™ 3D介面。這款在各方面幾近完美的手機,為行動電話精緻工藝豎立了新的典範,同時也重新塑造了消費者對於手機的期待和想像。

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