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iPhone 3GS: ‘lack of innovation’ hides true assets

六月 10th, 2009

Apple’s latest iPhone offered few surprises to those familiar with the iPhone SDK 3.0 – new features are, after all, ultimately constrained by the capabilities of the device’s software. While this might disappoint Apple’s devoted followers, underlying this gradual evolution is Apple’s key contribution to the smartphone space – namely proving the value of firmware upgrades to refresh its devices, whether the new iPhone 3GS, its predecessors or its iPod Touch cousins.

Bridging the digital divide- less technology, more understanding

五月 15th, 2009

London, 12 May 2009- Digital divides in developed economies are less about limited broadband availability and more about a lack of broadband demand and complex interfaces. These are some of the key conclusions to drawn in the latest report from global advisory and consulting firm Ovum, titled “Bridging the broadband divide: challenges and solutions”.

“There has been significant focus on the limited availability of broadband as the main factor in creating digital divides” says Charlie Davies, senior analyst with Ovum’s Consumer Practice and author of the report. In fact, Ovum, as well as other consumer surveys and studies, have shown other factors such as a lack of demand as being a more significant barrier”.

Beating the downturn – back to basics

五月 11th, 2009

11 May 2009. Although the picture for the Asian mobile services industry is one of resilience, it would be a mistake to conclude mobile network operators are having it easy. Operators are suffering from reduced roaming revenue, declines in usage and spending, and currency fluctuations. So what can be done to thrive in this environment?

“The downturn intensifies the imperative for operators to get the basics right – plan ahead, evaluate risks, and cut costs – while treating the customer as king” said Nathan Burley Ovum Analyst.

Outsourcing can be valuable, when applied correctly

五月 6th, 2009

Melbourne, May 6 2009 – Given the current recessionary times, external sourcing is an excellent opportunity for shedding costs and accessing best in class service provision, as the $150 billion annual outsourcing industry can attest to. However, this drive to cut costs must be balanced with clarity surrounding the strategic imperatives behind this sourcing decision.

Sourcing is a critical management tool, but must be considered in alignment with the longer-term business strategy as well as operational effectiveness.

Mobile operators are resiliently beating the recession

四月 29th, 2009

London, 29 April 2009 – Mobile operators are comfortably and steadily beating the recession. This is according to the findings of a new report from global advisory and consulting firm Ovum, titled ‘Mobile operators in a recession: lessons and coping strategies.’

Ovum’s report tracked the performance of mobile operators across all regions in the world for 2008. Overall, operators maintained revenue and customer growth during the period, but the rate of growth is down. While most operators in emerging markets are yet to see any significant pressures on their performance, operators in countries such as the US and across Europe, where the recession has had dramatic impact, operators’ revenues are holding out. Indeed, it is not about immunity from the recession per se, but rather, adaptability to the downturn.

Reaching and profitably serving low-income users- a big challenge for the mobile industry in emerging markets

三月 13th, 2009

London, 11 March 2009. According to a new report by global advisory and consulting firm Ovum, reaching and profitably serving low-income users will be one of the biggest challenges for the mobile industry in emerging markets. The report titled ‘Low ARPU users: best practice strategies,’ outlines three critical areas operators must consider in serving this market and provides guidance on profitability strategies for operators, through an examination of best-practice strategies in operational and service areas.

A close connection between marketing and network operations is crucial to profitability in emerging markets and different markets require different approaches and considerations. “A number of emerging market operators face significant operational challenges at least partly due to a disconnect between marketing and network operations. For example, several African operators are being warned by regulators to tone down their marketing, as the pace at which they are building network capacity cannot meet with the heavy flow of new customers,” says Angel Dobardziev, Ovum’s Emerging Markets Practice Leader.

Ovum previews major IT Services issues for 2009 with ‘The Ovum Eight’

十二月 11th, 2008

LONDON and BOSTON, December 10, 2008. The impact of the slowing economy on BPO business models, the convergence of IT and telecom services, and the continued importance of quality and security are among the top issues IT service providers will face in 2009, says a new report from Ovum, one of the market’s leading global IT advisory and consulting firms. Ovum’s global IT services team have collaborated on a soon to be released report, The Ovum Eight, to identify eight of the top IT Services issues that will impact IT vendors, their partners and end-users.

Mobile broadband: Prepaid key to growth in Western Europe

九月 4th, 2008

London, 3 September, 2008-Operators should look to prepaid offerings to maximise the mobile broadband opportunity in Q4 2008, rather than pinning their hopes on mobile broadband substituting fixed services. This is one of the key conclusions to be drawn in a new report by global advisory firm Ovum, ‘Mobile broadband operator strategies in Western Europe’.

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